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Sentimental Journeys specializes in group and individual tours to all parts of the island. We understands Sri Lanka like no one else.


Sri Lanka offers the traveller a blend of ancient cities of lost civilizations, miles of pristine beaches and nature in all its glorious diversity.

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A modern fleet of vehicles, Experienced, reliable driver guides with tourist board licence and language abilities, Competive and reasonable rates.


The company's guiding principle is one of providing the most enjoyable, enriching travel experience for its customers during their journey.

We welcome you with the traditional Sri Lankan greeting, "Ayubowan" – May you be blessed with long life. Thank you for visiting our web site and consider it a pleasure and a privilege to make your visit to our island home an unforgettable experience and a happy and wondrous discovery. Known by many as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", Sri Lanka has a rich and colourful history spanning over 2500 years.

Sri Lanka offers the traveller a blend of surreal landscapes, ancient cities of lost civilizations, colossal rock sculptures, towering temples, miles of pristine beaches and nature in all its glorious diversity. All this within a mere area of around 65,000 sq. kilometres and within which you will also discover 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 national parks showcasing the abundance of wildlife, acres of rolling lush tea plantations - seemingly a verdant carpet, some of Asia's finest botanical gardens, an endless array of mouth watering cuisine, a rich cultural heritage and 20 Million smiling, friendly & hospitable people.

Sri Lanka offers diverse and unlimited opportunities and activities to keep every visitor completely engaged & content. Bask in the sun on the beach or breathe the fresh and cool climes of the hill country, feel the gentle sway as you ride on the back of an elephant or be wowed at the sight of a surfacing whale, take a catamaran ride on the gently flowing waters of an inland river or an exhilarating white water rafting experience, play a round of golf in a picturesque link or trek a mountainous path, succumb to the pleasures of a rejuvenating spa treatment or be pampered by the excellent service of the attentive hotel staff, indulge in a spree of shopping that ranges from local silks and batiks to international brand labels, from renowned Ceylon Tea to spices and condiments, from costume jewellery to Moonstones and Blue Sapphires, the list goes on.

A visit to Sri Lanka is a definite must. So browse our Tours Section for a mix of several itineraries designed to offer great value for money. We can even tailor make a package that will suit your interests, recommend suitable accommodation and fit in with your budget. We are more than happy assist you, to ensure that your journey to this "land like no other" is nothing less than fascinating. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any queries. We look forward to hearing from you. Take a Sentimental Journey through Sri Lanka !!!!